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Hose And Fitting Hydraulic Gates

Selling Hydraulic Hose GATES 

Hydraulic Hose Gates is one type of hose that is in each unit whose function is to deliver oil in accordance with the pressure of each unit.

Many of the materials we sell, from synthetic rubber, Teflon, stainless and thermoplastic materials, are clear with competitive prices and quality.

We, PT. Cahaya Pasifik Utama are the official Distributors of GATES.

GATES is a well-known brand among OIL and GAS, this brand is made in the USA, and has been proven for long-term use and flexibility when used in the unit.

We sell GATES Hydraulic Hose

we sell cheap hydraulic hose

- CR1 Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R1
- EFG6K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R15
- EFG5K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R13
- EFG4K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R12
- EFG3K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R12
- Global M6K Mega6000 ™ Hose
- Global M5K Mega5000 ™ Hose
- Global M4K Mega4000 ™ Hose - SAE 100R19
- Global M3K Mega3000® Hose - SAE 100R17
- J2AT 2-Wire Braid Jack Hose - 10,000 Static Pressure Only
- CR2 2-Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R2
- RFS Red Fire Suppressant Hose
- C5C Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R5
- C14 PTFE Hose - SAE 100R14 Type A - Nonconductive
- TH8 Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R8
- TH7 Hydraulic Hose - SAE 100R7

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